Equinox Classic is a product for all kind of horses, mixture is based on a unique Yarrowia lipolytica yeast. Equinox Classic quickly and effectively supplements mineral deficiencies, strengthens the hair and hoof horn, supports general condition and immunity of the body. Thanks to prebiotic properties, limits digestive process disorders.


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  • boosts immunity

    Thanks to the natural properties of our yeast and the presence of niacin, EQUINOX CLASSIC strengthens the immune system, thus increasing the body's protective barrier against various types of infections, especially in horses susceptible to diseases and immunocompromised, or during the period of increased risk of disease symptoms - autumn-winter time, frequent trips.

  • improves digestion

    Thanks to the prebiotic properties of yeasts that stimulate the growth of the desired gastrointestinal microflora, Equinox Classic limits the digestive process disorders, thus reducing the risk of collars, diarrhea, constipation and other consequences caused by improper feeding, diet change or stress

  • boosts performance

    Yeast protein of high biological value together with a full set of essential amino acids is responsible (along with selenium and vitamin E) for an increased performance and endurance of horses, during high workloads, accelerated muscle recovery following exercise, as well as plays a significant role in the development of muscle tissue in weaker or young horses. Additional elements supporting the above-mentioned processes are bioactive substances, especially citrulline malate, which facilitates the production of nitric oxide in stress conditions, expanding small blood vessels of muscle tissue, and increasing the oxygen, creatine and nutrients supply in muscle cells, significantly reducing muscle pain, improving aerobic capacity and muscle strength, as well as removing lactic acid and ammonia.

  • improves hooves, skin and coat

    Perfectly improves the quality of hoof horn and fur, manifested by the reinforced structure of the hoof and by limiting of the cracking of its walls and strong and shiny bristles. In horses that received the EQUINOX CLASSIC yeast supplement within their diet, improved elasticity of the bottom and the frontal wall of the hoof, as well as improved mechanical properties of the hair by disappearance of damage signs in the mane samples, were observe. The content of zinc and the complex of B group vitamins, especially vitamins B2 and B5, support hair and hoof growth, as well as healing processes of the skin (healing of wounds, clods). The presence of organic sulfur-containing amino acids: methionine and cystine, is of great importance (only this form is digestible by horses). They participate in the process of keratin formation, contribute to the firmness of the hoof horn and the preservation of a nice, smooth and shiny coat.

  • supports regeneration of the cells

    High content of fatty acids with valuable omega-3 bonds supports the proper course of all the above-mentioned processes and additionally supports the regeneration of the cells of the whole organism, especially of the nervous system.

  • improves the digestibility of the administered food doses

    Increases appetite and stimulates “picky eaters” for food uptake.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast with selenium, Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, dried apple, calcium carbonate, fruit aroma

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein: 37.0%
Crude fat: 5.4%
Crude fber: 6.2%
Dry matter: 95.0%
Crude ash: 13.0%


Calcium: 40.0 g/kg
Phosphorus: 13.6 g/kg
Magnesium: 1.2 g/kg
Sodium: 10.3 g/kg


Iron: 85.0 mg/kg
Copper: 19.4 mg/kg
Zinc: 164 mg/kg
Manganese: 7.4 mg/kg
Selenium: 45.0 mg/kg


Vitamin E: 14 mg/kg
Vitamin B2: 23 mg/kg
Vitamin B3: 141 mg/kg
Vitamin B5: 69 mg/kg
Vitamin B7: 1435 µg/kg
Vitamin B9: 1239 µg/kg
Vitamin B12: 5.6 µg/kg

Amino acids

Lysine: 16.2 g/kg
Methionine: 4.7 g/kg
Threonine: 9.7 g/kg
Cystine: 3.6 g/kg
Serine: 7.1 g/kg
Proline: 9.5 g/kg
Glycine: 11.7 g/kg
Alanine: 18.5 g/kg
Valine: 13.8 g/kg
Leucine: 16.7 g/kg
Isoleucine: 11.6 g/kg
Tyrosine: 20.7 g/kg
Phenylalanine: 9.7 g/kg
Histidine: 5.2 g/kg
Arginine: 10.6 g/kg
Aspartic acid: 21.2 g/kg
Glutamic acid: 29.1 g/kg

Bioactive substances

Kynurenic acid: 2.35 µg/g
Alpha-ketoglutarate: 14.7 g/kg
Citrulline malate: 17.5 g/kg
Coenzyme Q10: 86.0 mg/kg


8 g of the product per 100 kg horse body weight per day


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