Equinox Muscle is a product dedicated for horses with muscle problems. Thanks to the presence of phytobiotic, beta-glucans, bioactive substances, selenium and vitamin E, strengthens the body during increased workload, promotes the formation and regeneration of muscle fibers, improves muscle tissue metabolism and has antioxidant properties.


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  • supports the healthy development of muscle tissue

    Quickly and effectively compensates for food shortages due to the effective assimilation of ingredients of the formulation and the presence of 22 amino acids, that support the horse muscles in dealing with the training workloads, strenuous exercises and competition. Thanks to the presence of phytobiotics, beta-glucans, bioactive substances, selenium and vitamin E, it strengthens the body under intense workloads, supports regeneration and development of healthy muscle tissue. The addition of magnesium organic form and rice bran, rich with gamma oryzanol, supports the development of muscle mass and the proper functioning of the entire muscle apparatus.

  • supports the regeneration of muscle fibers

    High biological value of yeast protein, together with a full set of essential amino acids, vitamin E and selenium, are responsible for the increased exercise capacity and endurance of horses under intense workloads and supporting the muscle recovery phase after exercise. They also play a significant role in the process of muscle tissue development in weaker horses and during recovery, as well as in young horses starting training. Additional elements supporting the above-mentioned processes are bioactive substances, especially citrulline malate, which facilitates the production of nitric oxide during exercise, which expands the small blood vessels in the muscle tissue. It allows to increase the oxygen, creatine and nutrients supply in muscle cells, significantly reducing muscle pain, improving aerobic capacity and muscle strength, as well as removing lactic acid and ammonia.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast with selenium, Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, rice bran, magnesium chelate, calcium carbonate, spirulina, hawthorn, vitamin E, manganese chelate, fruit aroma

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein: 37.0%
Crude fat: 5.5%
Crude fiber: 1.0%
Dry matter: 95.0%
Crude ash: 17.5%


Vitamin E: 25 016 mg/kg
Vitamin B2: 25.6 mg/kg
Vitamin B3: 134.8 mg/kg
Vitamin B5: 64 mg/kg
Vitamin B7: 1 332.5 μg/kg
Vitamin B9: 1 150.5 μg/kg
Vitamin B12: 65.2 μg/kg


Calcium: 24.7 g/kg
Magnesium: 11.6 g/kg
Phosphorus: 12.9 g/kg
Sodium: 9.8 g/kg
Potassium: 14.0 g/kg
Chlorine: 9.3 g/kg


Iron: 123.6 mg/kg
Copper: 18.4 mg/kg
Manganese: 1.1 g/kg
Zinc: 153.7 mg/kg
Selenium: 40.0 mg/kg

Bioactive substances

Kynurenic acid: 2.35 μg/g
Alpha-ketoglutarate: 14.7 g/kg
Citrulline malate: 17.5 g/kg
Coenzyme Q10: 80.0 mg/kg

Amino acids

Lysine: 15.9 g/kg
Methionine: 4.6 g/kg
Cystine: 3.3 g/kg
Serine: 7.6 g/kg
Proline: 9.6 g/kg
Glycine: 20.8 g/kg
Alanine: 18.6 g/kg
Valine: 14.0 g/kg
Leucine: 17.1 g/kg
Isoleucine: 11.8 g/kg
Tyrosine: 20.1 g/kg
Phenylalanine: 9.8 g/kg
Histidine: 5.2 g/kg
Arginine: 11.0 g/kg
Aspartic acid: 21.5 g/kg
Glutamic acid: 29.8 g/kg


8 g of the product per 100 kg horse body weight per day


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