Equinox Gastro Foal is a product dedicated to foals in difficult weaning period. The combination of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast and essential fatty acid ethyl esters supports the proper course of digestion processes and the optimal development of the gastrointestinal microflora. The product supports the maintenance of normal body weight and the development of muscle tissue.


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  • supports the proper run of digestive processes during the weaning period

    Yarrowia lipolytica yeast combined with Omega-3/-6 ethyl esters support digestion processes. The addition of linseed, containing mucous substances, provides protection of the gastrointestinal tract against harmful factors and supports for the proper passage of intestinal contents. Moreover, rice bran helps in the proper development of muscle tissue.

  • supports the development of desired gastrointestinal microflora

    Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, due to its prebiotic properties and the content of a numerous of essential amino acids, supports proper development of gastrointestinal flora and reduces gastric problems.

  • improves appetite and weight gain

    EQUINOX GASTRO FOAL feed mixture supports the proper development and condition of weaned foals, thanks to the richness of composition and the presence of easily digestible nutrients.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, Omega-3,6 fatty acid ethyl esters obtained from linseed, borage, evening primrose and blackcurrant oils, calcium carbonate, bran rice, linseed, fruit aroma

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein: 34.0%
Crude fat: 19.1%
Crude fber: 3.8%
Dry matter: 91.0%
Crude ash: 13.4%

Ethyl esters in the form of Omega-3/-6/-9

Monounsaturated fatty acids: 39.1 g/kg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 96.9 g/kg
Omega-3: 68.6 g/kg
Omega-6: 28.3 g/kg


Calcium: 31.9 g/kg
Phosphorus: 13.7 g/kg
Magnesium: 2.0 g/kg
Sodium: 9.12 g/kg
Potassium: 8.2 g/kg
Chlorides (NaCl): 9.3 g/kg

Amino acids

Lysine: 14.7 g/kg
Methionine: 6.1 g/kg
Threonine: 9.9 g/kg
Cystine: 4.4 g/kg
Serine: 9.5 g/kg
Proline: 10.8 g/kg
Glycine: 9.9 g/kg
Alanine: 35.9 g/kg
Valine: 10.9 g/kg
Leucine: 14.3 g/kg
Isoleucine: 9.7 g/kg
Tyrosine: 22.0 g/kg
Phenylalanine: 8.2 g/kg
Histidine: 4.9 g/kg
Arginine: 9.7 g/kg
Aspartic acid: 19.3 g/kg
Glutamic acid: 24.8 g/kg


8 g of the product per 100 kg horse body weight per day


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