Equinox Regeneration is a unique composition for horses during recovery after diseases and injuries. Complementary feed mixture supports regeneration processes and quick return to the training form, also supports the condition and increases the immunity and vitality of horses.


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  • helps in shortening the time of convalescence after treatments and injuries

    Thanks to the full bioavailability of all minerals and the presence of a protein with high biological value, EQUINOX REGENERATION plays an important role in the reconstruction and regeneration of muscle tissue. The addition of vitamins and herbs improves the functioning of the digestive system, improves digestion and accelerates the recovery of the body, also strengthening its immunity.

  • supports recovery processes and quick return to the training form

    Quickly and effectively compensates for food deficiencies due to the high bioavailability of the ingredients contained in the complementary feed EQUINOX REGENERATION. The presence of exogenous amino acids helps horse muscles deal with training requirements and contributes to their recovery and regeneration. The use of this product also affects the faster recovery of the animal to its proper condition.

  • improves condition and muscularity

    Thanks to the content of phytobiotics, beta-glucans, bioactive substances, selenium and vitamin C, EQUINOX REGENERATION strengthens the body at high workloads, supports regeneration and development of healthy muscle tissue, while improving body's condition. The addition of organic magnesium also supports the development of muscle mass and the proper functioning of the entire muscular apparatus.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, Yarrowia lipolytica yeast with selenium, dried apple, calcium carbonate, magnesium chelate, hawthorn, buckhorn, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D3, fruity aroma

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein: 32.7%
Crude fat: 4.4%
Crude fber: 5.7%
Dry matter: 91.0%
Crude ash: 15.0%


Calcium: 40.0 g/kg
Phosphorus: 10.6 g/kg
Magnesium: 14.5 g/kg
Sodium: 10.8 g/kg


Iron: 19.6 mg/kg
Copper: 18.1 mg/kg
Zinc: 154.2 mg/kg
Manganese: 10.3 mg/kg
Iodine: 102 mg/kg
Selenium: 30.0 mg/kg

Amino acids

Lysine: 18.6 g/kg
Methionine: 4.4 g/kg
Threonine: 15.5 g/kg
Cystine: 3.7 g/kg
Serine: 13.3 g/kg
Proline: 11.4 g/kg
Glycine: 14.2 g/kg
Alanine: 18.7 g/kg
Valine: 16.9 g/kg
Leucine: 20.2 g/kg
Isoleucine: 13.3 g/kg
Tyrosine: 28.6 g/kg
Phenylalanine: 11.3 g/kg
Histidine: 6.6 g/kg
Arginine: 13.2 g/kg
Aspartic acid: 27.3 g/kg
Glutamic acid: 36.9 g/kg


Vitamin C: 10 000 mg/kg
Vitamin A: 20.2 µg/kg
Vitamin D3: 161.9 µg/kg
Vitamin E: 762.1 mg/kg
Vitamin B2: 11.9 mg/kg
Vitamin B3: 612.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B12: 38.5 µg/kg

Bioactive substances

Kynurenic acid: 2.0 µg/g
Alpha-ketoglutarate: 12.6 g/kg
Citrulline malate: 23.0 g/kg


8 g of the product per 100 kg horse body weight per day


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