Equinox Calm

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  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Supports for nervous and hyperactive horses.
  • Supports concentration.
  • Does not cause lethargy.

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When you have a hyperactive horse in training, all the pleasure of riding disappears and stress and nervous reactions creep in.  Instead of focusing on exercises, you have an internal battle with your horse. Not always winning it. It is not an easy situation, neither for the horse nor for you. Fortunately, Equinox Calm has been developed for difficult and stressful situations.  It has been developed for nervous, hyperactive horses, as well as horses in recovery or returning to work. Equinox Calm is ideal for use in sporting horses, at competitions, in young horses just beginning training and in unusual situations such as transport, changing stables or herds. The specially developed formula helps to calm the nerves and does not cause sluggishness. It also increases the level of concentration, improves alertness and enhances the regeneration of the body. The specially developed formula contains sophisticated components which help to calm, tranquillise and concentrate horses, especially during intensive training. Naturally occurring in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica coenzyme Q10 is distinguished by its neuroprotective effect, facilitates the memory process and improves brain function. And tryptophan supports the regulation of mood, anxiety, appetite and resting phase. Its higher content in comparison to other amino acid groups leads to an intensive release of the happy hormone, which has a relaxing, antidepressant effect, improves mood and focuses attention. Magnesium enhances serotonin receptor function and reduces stress sensitivity. B vitamins are responsible for maintaining a healthy nervous system. On the other hand, a Vitex agnus-castus soothes states of tension and reduces fatigue. It is especially recommended for mares with behavioural problems, as it helps regulate the sexual cycle. The prebiotic properties of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast minimise the risk of digestive problems, which are often caused by stress. The magnesium content supports the maintenance of harmony between the inhibitory and excitatory spheres. It eliminates unnecessary nervous impulses, thus limiting excessive stimulation of the body. The preparation increases concentration level, improves memory and facilitates absorption of new information. Coenzyme Q10 supports concentration and the nervous system.

Composition: feed material: fodder yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, magnesium chelate,  chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus), calcium carbonate;

feed additive (kg):

amino acids: tryptophan (3c440)

flavouring: 1000 mg

Analytical compounds, per kg:

Crude protein 37,0%
Crude fat 2,67%
Crude fibre 5,70%
Dry matter 99,00%
Crude ash 19,4%


Macroelements: [per 1 kg]
Calcium 32,17 g
Phosphorus 11,44 g
Magnesium 37,39 g
Sodium 9,84 g


Microelements: [per 1 kg]
Iron 48,12 mg
Copper 16,99 mg
Zinc 159,81 mg
Manganese 9,46 mg


Amino acids: [per 1 kg]
Tryptophane 60 g
Lysine 17,00 g
Methionine 2,91 g
Threonine 13,31 g
Cystine 1,98 g
Serine 14,35 g
Proline 8,58 g
Glycine 9,78 g
Alanine 17,38 g
Valine 13,00 g
Leucine 15,70 g
Izoleucine 12,27 g
Tyrosine 8,48 g
Phenylalanine 9,72 g
Histidine 4,37 g
Arginine 11,02 g
Aspartic Acid 21,89 g
Glutamic acid 31,20 g



Additional information

1,5 kg, 3 kg

10 g of the product per 100 kg of body weight of the horse per day.