Equinox Gastro

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The way through the stomach to the heart.

  • Supports the development of the natural intestinal microflora and thus supports the proper functioning of the digestive system
  • Helps protect the gastric mucosa

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Properly balanced nutrition is one of the key elements in the prevention of gastrointestinal disease. Unfortunately, some horses are more susceptible to poor dietary factors, stress and unsuitable housing conditions. This can lead to irritation of the gastric mucosa and the development of other gastric problems. Horses in intensive training, frequently transported, changing herds or surroundings are more likely to have gastrointestinal imbalances. The first signs of discomfort in the abdominal cavity of a horse are, among others, a decrease in appetite, weight loss, decreased performance, decreased hair and coat condition.

Equinox Gastro is a complementary feed based on a unique strain of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast and bioesters of omega-3,6 acids helps to protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa. The formula enriched with sea buckthorn promotes regeneration of the mucous membrane, supports duodenal and gastric function and has a regenerative effect on the intestinal system. Peppermint and fennel soothe smooth muscle spasms in the stomach and intestines, reduce flatulence and abdominal discomfort. Equinox Gastro with its unique composition of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, bioesters and phytobiotics is excellent support for horses with digestive problems. The specially designed formula supports the development of natural intestinal microflora and helps to protect the gastric mucosa.

Feed material: Yarrowia lipolytica feed yeast, Omega-3,6 fatty acid bioesters from flax, borage, evening primrose and blackcurrant oil, sea buckthorn fruit ground, calcium carbonate, mint, fennel.

Feed premix: fruit flavouring.

Analytical ingredients, per kg:

Crude protein 31,68%
Crude fat 6,86%
Crude fibre 4,16%
Dry matter 95,00%
Crude ash 6,73%


Calcium 38,99 g/kg
Phosphorus 15,83 g/kg
Magnesium 1,46 g/kg
Sodium 2,74 g/kg


Iron 50,38 mg/kg
Copper 21,64 mg/kg
Zinc 206,25 mg/kg
Manganese 12,27 mg/kg


Omega 3/-6-/9 fatty acid esters:
Monounsaturated fatty acids 29,8 g/kg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 83,4 g/kg
Omega-3 total 60,7 g/kg
Omega-6 total 22,7 mg/kg


Amino acids:
Lysine 22,03 g/kg
Methionine 3,77 g/kg
Threonine 17,35 g/kg
Cystine 2,56 g/kg
Serine 18,60 g/kg
Proline 11,12 g/kg
Glycine 12,67 g/kg
Alanine 21,23 g/kg
Valine 16,85 g/kg
Leucine 20,35 g/kg
Isoleucine 15,9 g/kg
Tyrosine 10,98 g/kg
Phenylalanine 12,6 g/kg
Histidine 5,66 g/kg
Arginine 14,28 g/kg
Aspartic acid 28,37 g/kg
Glutamic acid 40,44 g/kg



B2 23,70 mg/kg
B3 203,60 mg/kg
B5 67,20 mg/kg
B12 10,08 μg/kg


Additional information

1,5 kg, 3 kg

8 g of the product per 100 kg of bodyweight of the horse per day.